What is Hello in Binary?

Who shot first...?

Spaces or Tabs?

Find out at Triangle Tech Trivia!

Tuesday December 6th
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Come checkout the Triangles best trivia night for techies by techies!
Next Trivia Night:
Tuesday December 6th
5:30 - 7:30
Oct 14, 19'
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This event is totally free to attend! We will even be giving out a free beer ticket (register and get an additional beer ticket!) Bring your techie and nerdy friends and family for a fun night of trivia.
Trophy Brewing: Maywood


How much is this going to cost?

Nothing! Just come for some free beer and bring your trivia a-game!

Can I bring friends?

Hell yes you can! Convince them to register and they will get an additional beer ticket.

How many teammates?

You can have up to 5 people in a team. You can compete alone... but good luck!

What if I forgot to register?

Registering before the event helps us plan better! But not to worry, just show up and you'll receive a free beer ticket :)

What do I win?

Honor, Glory for you and all your Kin! Also... We're working on hooking you up with some swag and a shiney ! As a bonus, your teams name will be placed on the leaderboard on this site.

What are the question formats?

We have it all! Multiple choice, free response, pictures, code snippets, audios... okay, no essay...

How often are these things?

We are going to hose Triangle Tech Trivia on the first Tuesday of every single month!